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What can we embroider?

Quality control checking Individually packed and labelled

In-Stitches is not called that for nothing.

We don’t just embroider sweatshirts and polo shirts — we can stitch your design onto hats, bags, leather, dressing-gowns, towels, luxury horse-blankets...

If you want to know if we can embroider on it — call us and ask: 01237 478373.


Top quality embroidery avoiding hold-ups

Our machinery is housed in a climate-controlled building to maintain the thread at an optimum stitching temperature. This ensures that thread breakages are minimised — allowing us to provide you with top quality embroidery and avoiding hold-ups in delivery.

Our computerised machines can embroider up to fifteen colours in any separate embroidery.


Highest quality thread Texture and life

Only the highest quality thread is used and with thousands of colours in a variety of finishes, your design is not noly accurately represented but it is given texture and life.

We use viscose rayon thread for most of our embroidery — it is hard-wearing and has a glossy, silky finish.


Before we can embroider your design we need to digitise or convert the artwork into a computer format.

Although the process uses a computer, it is a skilled human job to ensure the correct stitch type, density and direction in order to best represent your design in stitches.


Hats, bags, leather, dressing-gowns, towels, luxury horse-blankets Embroider sweatshirts and polo shorts

Each garment is checked, folded and individually wrapped and labelled with the size of the garment.

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