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Frequently Answered Questions

Can I order online?

Due to every product we offer being personalized, we advise that you contact us in person and we will work with you to avoid any difficulties.

What is the minimum order?

We are happy to supply any quantity.

I already have my logo in artwork form. Is this sufficient for you to be able to embroider onto garments?

Every design that is brought to us, has to be digitized into an embroidery format. Once set-up, the design is kept on our records forever.

We already have our design on disk, can you use this to save origination cost?

Yes we can certainly use your disk as long as it is in one of the main embroidery formats.

Can you embroider the name of my company onto garments without a design origination charge?

Yes. If you are happy for us to use one of our standard fonts then there will be no charge to set this up.

Would you be able to put individual names onto garments?

Yes. We can add the name to the logo, usually beneath, or it can be a separate embroidery on the opposite breast.

Am I able to cancel the order?

Unfortunately because of the personalised nature of the products it is not possible to cancel an order.

How long will you take to deliver our goods?

The process normally takes two weeks, but if you’re on a tight deadline, we will work with you to achieve it.

What are your charges?

There will be a charge to digitise the logo into an embroidery format. The garments are priced individually. The price of a garment includes an average size left breast logo, and then extra for individual names or any other logos. Postage will be extra. Orders over £250 excluding VAT are carriage free. There are so many variables that we would prefer you to email or ring us with your enquiries. We can then provide a firm quotation.

Do you have a catalogue?

The selection of garments shown on our website is just an indication of what we can offer.

Can you embroider onto my own garments?

Yes we are able to do this. Please contact us and we will give you a price depending on the design and the number of articles needed to be embroidered.

Can you embroider caps?

Yes, however, we are limited as to where we can embroider on them, therefore, we advise you speak to us before placing an order.

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