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Give you the best results The result is a premium, full-colour, photographic quality image

In-Stitches offer a wide range of printing techniques depending on your requirements. We use only the best products on the market — to give you the best results.

Below you will find more information — on the three printing methods we use. Each has its own process to create that all-important final print for your garments.

Heat Seal

Heat seal vinyl Full-colour image transfer

Heat seal vinyl is our standard printing method. It is used for wording and one-colour logos on garments.

Once set up in a design programme, we cut the design into the required colour. With over 50 colours to choose from — including fluorescent, reflective, glitter and more — we are confident we can find a colour suitable for your design.

The excess material is ‘weeded’ before pressing the vinyl with a heat-press. Once pressed, the vinyl is permanently attached and cannot be removed.

Full-colour image transfer

Vinyl is permanently attached and cannot be removed Awards for the innovative design

Full-colour image transfer allows for complex full colour images, logos and photographs on a host of light or dark garmetns and fabrics.

Transfers can be applied to cotton, polyester, nylon, neoprene, leather, denim and most close-weave textiles regardelss of colour.

This patented product is fresh on the market — the creators have received awards for the innovative design and the technical breakthrough involved.


Unlike any other form of digital printing Final print for your garment

Sublimation is a chemical process unlike any other form of digital printing. When sublimation inks are heated to 200°C they vapourise and form a permanent bond with polyester or polymer coatings. On cooling, the ink solidifies.

The result is a premium, full-colour, photographic quality image that does not crack, peel or wash away.

Sublimation dyes, or inks, are not opaque — the base needs to be white or pale coloured. It is perfect for giftware such as mugs, coasters, bags and other promotional items.

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